Lodge Officers - Norman Lodge #38

2017 Lodge Officers

Worshipful Master: Jonathan Annis

Senior Warden: Blayke Humphrey

Junior Warden: Will McCutcheon

Secretary: Jim Kessee (Past Master 2013)

Treasurer: Joseph Pierce

Senior Deacon: Robert Parmele

Junior Deacon: John Guinn

Senior Steward: 

Junior Steward: Jeff Russell

Tyler: John Turner (Past Master 2016)

Chaplain: Jason Wells (Past Master 2015)

Worshipful Master

     Jonathan Annis is a graduate research assistant at the University of Oklahoma pursuing a Doctor of Musical Art degree in music composition. His duties include digital media and education outreach for the History of Science rare collections at OU. Jonathan's music has most recently been published by Media Press in Chicago.      

     Jonathan Began his masonic journey at Mossy Creek #353 in Jefferson City, TN where he was initiated, passed, and raised. After leaving TN, Jonathan affiliated with Flagstaff #7 in Flagstaff, AZ. He joined Norman Lodge in the fall of 2013 after moving to Norman. He is proud to call this his masonic home.      

     After he finishes his education, Jonathan will begin seeking a tenure track position teaching music composition/theory at the university level. He is also working very hard to begin a lasting career writing and publishing music. Jonathan has written a symphony for concert band called West to East with the central theme steeped in the mysticism of blue lodge masonry.

Senior Warden

Junior Warden