Charities - Norman Lodge #38

Masonic Charitable Programs

The Masonic fraternity has many charities for a Mason to contribute his personal energy toward.

Prevent Blindness Oklahoma

     Our longest standing charitable cause at Norman Lodge is Prevent Blindness Oklahoma. The program is run by our member, Dan Burchett, and involves certified Masons assisting the PBO staff with children's vision screenings to help identify vision problems with visual acuity, muscle imbalance, and near vision. As one of the largest school districts in the state, Norman Lodge is very proud to be an annual participant in this program. Last year alone, Norman Lodge supported screenings in 19 schools, covering nearly 7000 kids - over 600 of which were referred to eye care professionals! Across the entire state of Oklahoma, Prevent Blindness Oklahoma screened 278,698 children and referred 32,090 for further care with an eye care professional in the 2010-2011 school year. More than 2 million children have been screened in our state to date.

Pancake Breakfasts

     We do not know if the pancake breakfast was invented before Freemasonry began, but one thing is for sure; Masonry and pancake breakfasts go hand-in-hand. At Norman Lodge, we partner with youth organizations throughout our city to provide a fundraising opportunity. We provide tickets ($5 each) to be sold by the partner organization, and we host the pancake breakfast at our Lodge building. After the event, we donate 75%-100% of the money raised by the youth group back to their organization. It is a win-win-win because the youth group makes money, our Masons help local organizations and the community is fed well!  Contact us today to set up your fundraiser!

Masonic CHIP

     Our newest program is the Masonic CHIP (CHild Identification Program). In cooperation with Masons all over the state of Oklahoma that have donated the CHIP computer systems, we provide Safety ID packages to parents for use in case a child becomes lost or missing. Identifying items completed are placed in packs and given to individuals include: physical description and features card, fingerprint card or scanned print, several still photos of various profiles, a video recording of mannerisms with voice interview, and various DNA samples collected on dental impressions and/or cheek swabs.

     All items and information generated at our "Events" are the property of and are given to the individual child's parent or guardian (who accompanied them through the event) to take home for safe keeping. No one involved keeps any information but a signed permission form. The packet is provided at no-charge to parents, and funded by Norman Masonic Lodge in cooperation with the Masonic Charity Foundation of Oklahoma. We currently provide this service at the annual Touch-a-Truck event hosted by the Norman Public Library (usually held in September).

Eyeglass Donation Program

     Norman Lodge donates eyeglasses to eye care programs that assist those in need. Lodge members and the community are welcome to give us used eyeglasses. To donate, place eyeglasses in the collection container just outside the front door of our Lodge building. (Underneath the overhang -- you can even drive right up to the deposit container!)  Find us Here! We can also assist with procuring glasses for those in need. Contact us for more info.